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Thread: Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API

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    Default Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API

    Phoronix: Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API

    In the past year the Khronos Group unveiled the OpenCL 1.0 specification, the launch of OpenGL 3.1 / GLSL 1.40, OpenSL ES 1.0 as a new standardized audio API, and then most recently was the OpenGL 3.2 update. Today though the Khronos Group is pushing forward another standardized API that they hope to reach industry acceptance on and that is for windowing systems...

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    Ok, I wasn't expecting this. Reading the specs as I'm writing this.

    My only concern is that this is geared towards mobile applications, when it could be useful for regular operating systems too (pretty much like EGL, which is head and shoulders above the WGL/GLX/AGL mess).

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    I think you're right. There doesn't appear to be anything obvious in the specs that would prevent them being used on desktop.

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    More like OpenWTF, amiright!?1 Back me up, whos with me???

    But anyway the problem I see with this is the same as with every other Desktop/Mobile technology that was announced the last year - nobody really has the time to implement it.

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