Hi, I'm wanting to know whether it is possible to have hardware acceleration with the radeon open source driver on multiple X sessions.

I've got a Radeon 9600 card in my older computer, which I want to use to run apps on other X screens to get around lack of ALT+TAB functionalities, in many games etc..

I do this just fine on my main machine (HD 4650) using the fglrx driver, but using the R300 radeon driver, only software acceleration is available on any X sessions other than the main one.

This also means that guest sessions don't have 3d functionalities which is annoying..

On the main session:
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV350 4150) 20090101 AGP 8x  TCL
but on a guest session:

OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer

Is this going to be available at some point? This is a thing that I use a lot on my computers.
The open drivers rock on almost everything else though -- currently UT2004 runs on about medium settings reasonably well which is great progress!.