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Thread: Heroes of Newerth and Savage 2 Keys Inside

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    Exclamation Heroes of Newerth and Savage 2 Keys Inside

    Hi Guys,

    my Name is rohezal and playing savage 2 and heroes of newerth.

    I have quite good contacs to S2 Games from modding and promoting Savage 2. Its a quite strange Story but I got 100 Savage 2 Keys for a promotion event in Braunschweig Germany with the Community Server guy named Stony.

    Here are the Videos:

    I got around 30 Keys left for Savage 2 Premium Account.
    Write easy in this Forum if you want a premium account key. There are 30 left, so hurry up .

    For the people who dont know Savage 2 (runs on Linux, Mac and Windows):

    I got some beta invations for Heroes of Newerth too . Just write me a PM with your email and O can invite you. But i prefer Savage 2 players for invitions
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