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Thread: 2009 Linux Graphics Survey Reminder

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    Default 2009 Linux Graphics Survey Reminder

    Phoronix: 2009 Linux Graphics Survey Reminder

    Last week we launched the third annual Linux Graphics Survey to poll Linux users about the graphics hardware and drivers they use, their interests as it pertains to Linux graphics with Mesa / Gallium3D / X.Org, and other questions to help both developers and end-users. This survey is running through the end of the month so there is still time to submit your answers.To date we have just under 10,000 entries...

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    You know there is not much point in this survey.

    It comparable to starting another Linux distribution.

    Surveyix 2009 based on Debian Sid

    Atheros Binary [NO]
    Same halfway working Intel graphics drivers [YES]
    Destroy interoperability with Nvidia bins [YES]
    Crappy fonts enabled by default [YES]

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