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Thread: MythTV 0.22 Final Now Available

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    Default MythTV 0.22 Final Now Available

    Phoronix: MythTV 0.22 Final Now Available

    After a year and a half of development and two release candidates, MythTV 0.22 final is now available. Version 0.22 of MythTV, this popular free software project to watch and record television from your computer, brings support for NVIDIA's VDPAU acceleration, support for DVB-S2 and the Hauppauge HD-PVR, and a major overhaul of the Qt-based MythTV user-interface and its library...

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    Hopefully they improved the setup process which awfully sucks.

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    Mythbuntu control centre helps enormously with the setup.
    All you have to do after that is setup your tuners, sources and tune.

    It's still not great though.
    I mean, it's still only for the terminally geeky.


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