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"It has come to my attention that this game was in development for 7 years, and that they licensed the id tech3 engine when it was still proprietary.
They said they will still release a source code , but there is no indication of what exactly."

No idea how much truth there is to that statement though...

So I thought at the time of writing...
But in our recent interview it seems like the engine was already GPLed when they used it for their game.


"6. Dark Salvation is using id tech 3 game engine which since have been released under the GPLv2.
I understand from the Wikipedia (under Products using a proprietary license of id tech 3) that you have licensed this engine at the time when it was still closed source.
What is the “open source” status of “your” engine ? have you modified it ?
And if it’s still open source, would it be possible for the community to “convert” the game to use other more modern engines or improve the existing one like it was done before with other games ?
Where did you hear we licensed the engine? (laughs)
There really hasn’t been anything we’ve done to the engines renderer. The only modifications we made to the engine was to enable Dark Salvation to be its own game so we won’t be releasing any source code for that. We will be however releasing the game source once we have the Linux and Mac builds ready to deploy. This way people can use the game source and make some mods for the game as well as using it as a basis to develop their own project."