Hehe. Okay, nice news to me.
But then, yes, I believe even though it is a lot of money intel still came off quite cheap. And so they admit their faulty deeds. Well.
Next thing is that the argument of intel having interest in keeping AMD alive is truly valid.
First, withouth AMD there would be far less innovation, intel would be lazy and we'd still have these power hungry P4 sold for prices up to the moon (I still remember the 486 times, they cut off 50% of price within a week).
And yes, I also think that anti monopoly agencies would quite hack them to pieces, which is probably intel's concern.
I mean, there'd only be VIA left and Transmeta is already out of business in the x86 field.
Even the governments heavily rely on x86 tech (I mean most people today really do, knowing it or not) and nobody there would want a price dictatorship.

Its probably good to have now at least these 3 players in the x86-market. Compatible in hardware but each one doing innovations and all of them having to keep prices on reasonable levels.

So I hope AMD will use the money well. If I wouldn't gift myself a little (but still relatively expensive) ARM machine for christmas it'd be another AMD. Well then, there is still new year that should hopefully bring me a little financial aid that I might invest in GlobalFoundries/AMD and some free software services/books.