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Thread: Benchmarking Mobile Phones & Devices

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutto786 View Post
    1) PHP-GTK dependency cant be fulfilled because of the fact that Android lacks an X server
    Just use the command-line interface or SSH into the device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hameedn View Post
    You guys know of any company who makes tools for Android benchmarking. Any information will be appreciated.
    Which part of android benchmarking are you talking about? Benchmarking the behaviour of the hardware + the low level SW; or the behaviour all the way up the stack to the davlick VM and services within that?

    If it is the former, then it's really just getting PTS running and Phoronix Media provides the solution , and yes we can offer commercial services on the "company side". Contact michael at or matthew at to discuss . Even the latter isn't necessarily a barrier either .

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