Hi all !

My laptop is dead and I will have to buy a new one. But almost all laptops are using ati graphics. I have been using nvidia drivers for a long now and was really happy with what had been done with vdpau and ease of installation. So Ihave a few questions to determine if I can switch on ATI.

- I have read that XvBA what finally doing something. But is it already as efficient and easy to use as vdpau? Ismplayer supported. I mostly watch x264 1080p. Is this codec supported ?

- What about video sync and tearing. I had a desktop with ati and experienced a lot of problems of that kind. Is it fixed ?

- I am planning to keep my kubuntu with KDE4. Are 3Deffects well supported by the driver ? I remember the time where these effects where hard to get working with the ATI driver.

- And last question : what about the open-source driver ? Where is the developpement heading to and what can be achieved as of now with this driver ?

Thanks a lot for all your answers, I am anxious at the idea of leaving nvidia.