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Thread: Via want help in openchrome ?

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    in front of my box :p


    quoting from the link
    Hello All:
    VIA has been having a dream to host VIA's developing source in public. The current todo list for VIA is (1) TTM/GEM module till next Q2 (2) KMS in next H2 (3) G3D driver developing in next Q4. Since Openchrome has been being VIA's best friends, can we host our projects in openchrome?

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Bruce C. Chang
    VIA Technologies, Inc.
    Whatever that exactly means now but at least a sign of communication and even on the openchrome mailing list makes me hope that I'll finally see my CLE266 and CN700 shine.
    But does that mean they set up a project that is just hosted on the openchrome web presence? Or will they have it completely as a free open source project and merge with openchrome?

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