ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico., Aug. 30th -The Gentoo Release Engineering team
proudly announces the release of Gentoo Linux 2006.1, the second release of the
year. It builds on the strength of previous releases with several
improvements. Featuring all of Gentoo's well-documented advantages in
flexibility, performance and portability, this release is now available
on all supported architectures. It is a compelling choice
for people desiring a flexible, powerful community-based Linux

The 2006.1 release features many highlights that improve upon 2006.0.
The AMD64, HPPA, x86, 32- and 64-bit PowerPC releases are built with and
include GCC 4.1, a great improvement over version 3.4 used for 2006.0.
Also included are the GNU C library version 2.4 and Gentoo's baselayout
1.12.1, with improved system startup scripts.
Alpha, x86 and AMD64 also feature a new profile layout, with separate
sub-profiles for desktop and server systems. This makes customization
much easier as the profile defaults can be pre-tuned to the type of
system being used.

The Gentoo Linux Installer for the x86 and AMD64 platforms now features
a networkless install mode, with a more streamlined configuration
interface making a typical installation quicker and easier than ever.
It also includes new and improved partitioning code that can make
better use of existing partition setups with unusual arrangements and
improved error handling to minimize the chances of damaged partition