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Thread: Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtrawoger View Post
    Well, I am partial to SeaSonic. I have purchased around 15 or so of them, and none have failed so far. I have 3 of the SeaSonic S12II 380B 380W ones running at home. Silent, cool running and sturdy. Love them. But you may need more juice if you are going to upgrade your video card later on. Maybe look at a 500W for the frontend. Or use your Antec one.

    Also good would be a PC Power and Cooling one. But there isn't as much selection on newegg.
    It would be good to know exactly how much juice is needed once I've settled on the components for the FE/BE.
    Then I can decide on PSU's from there...
    I have heard that Seasonic & PCPC are very good from an efficiency standpoint, so they would be in the running.

    I forgot top-end GPU's can suck so much juice!
    Fortunately I won't have it inside the FE all the time, still, I'll need a PSU that can handle it.

    What you'd need is something reliable, not necessarily fast. You won't boot the machine often so you won't care much how fast it boots. Even if you got a cool, single plater HDD (most new 500GB are that way now) it should do fine.
    What you won't like is if you'd lose your database with all your recording info. Yes, you would have your video files (on your RAID), but it will be a PITA to rebuild the main HDD.
    True, I don't know why I was contemplating SSD's for my BE's system drive, totally unnecessary. I think I'll use my existing 150GB Raptor & the 1TB Black can be my video capture drive. Hopefully it'll handle up to 4 simultaneous HD streams without issue? Then I just need to decide which 3 1-1.5TB drives to get for storage/BU. I think 3 is the bare minimum, I'm not convinced RAID is ideal, but having 3 gives me options should I decide to go down that road. I have my eye on 3x 1TB Samsung F3's but am interested in others thoughts.

    Probably a much better place for an SSD. I am cheap on the other hand, so I would not put my money there. Just a simple, single platter drive again.

    As well, SSD's are still somewhat of a "novelty" for me (my opinion, mind you). The whole issue with TRIM support in EXT4 still makes me wonder if I want to shell out a premium for them. - 6 months old thread.

    You can always get an SSD later on and change it in the Frontend. No loss since the recordings and movies will be on the backend.
    Actually I think I'll ditch SSD's and use my old 74gb raptor as the system volume, and for local storage perhaps a 1TB WD black or Samsung F3.

    But the idea is to keep power consumption low on the FE...
    So maybe I should partition the inner section of the 1TB drive for the OS (say 20GB?) and the leave the remaining outer section for local content?

    That way I could do away with the 74GB 10k RPM Raptor...
    But would performance be noticeably slower, or perhaps it would even be slightly better?

    Honestly if I could find a ok 30GB (or less) SSD for the same price as a 1TB WD black or F3.
    Then I'd get it and temporarily use the 74GB Raptor for storage space, or maybe even ditch local storage.
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