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Thread: Virt-Manager 0.8.1 Brings Nice Set Of Changes

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    Default Virt-Manager 0.8.1 Brings Nice Set Of Changes

    Phoronix: Virt-Manager 0.8.1 Brings Nice Set Of Changes

    Virt-Manager, the GUI-driven virtualization manager that was started by Red Hat about three years ago is out this week with a new update. From the version number, 0.8.1, it may seem like a small update as the previous release was v0.8.0 and it already brought an improved GUI and other advancements, but in fact the new point release is quite significant. Virt-Manager 0.8.1 delivers a VM migration wizard, enumerates CDROM and bridge devices on remote connections, supports listing multiple graphs in the manager window, supports disabling DHCP and specifying 'routed' type for new virtual networks, supports storage pool source enumeration for LVM/NFS/SCSI, allows changing new VM settings, and there are many other improvements and bug-fixes...

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    Amazing work they are doing!

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