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    Seeing as there are hardly any congo (AMD Neo/ Radeon) netbooks presently available, I'm now looking at Ion based netbooks. There are quite a few available now but I've not been able to find a side-by-side (comprehensive) comparison of all the ones currently available. In fact it doesn't really need to be that comprehensive as I'm only really bothered about good video-out (at least HMDI + pref. VGA out too), good battery life and the ability to upgrade the RAM beyond 1GB.

    I'm hoping Michael will spot this post and do a Linux-centric comparison of the Ion based netbooks (if he has access to a number of them) otherwise I'd be quite happy with a Windows-based comparative round-up. Anyone found such a thing or have any recommendations for Ion based netbooks? I'm wondering how the battery life of such a machine stands up to an Intel IGP netbook with HDMI?


    Added the falsely presumed all-important HDMI output as min requirement
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