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Thread: Mesa 7.7 Release Candidate 2 Is Out

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    Default Mesa 7.7 Release Candidate 2 Is Out

    Phoronix: Mesa 7.7 Release Candidate 2 Is Out

    Mesa 7.7 crept closer to being released last week when the first release candidate had arrived, but now we are even closer with there being a second release candidate. Intel's Ian Romanick has announced the release of Mesa 7.7 RC2 (along with Mesa 7.6.2 RC3) in hopes of still putting this release out before Christmas.Mesa 7.7 RC2 and 7.6.2 RC3 just carries additional bug-fixes and stabilization work since the earlier release candidates...

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    in front of my box :p


    Shouldn't that be 7.6.1 first? (article mentions 7.6.2 RC x).

    Hope to see them before Christmas in Portage. Would be so nice to have 3d accel working on xmas. What a present.

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