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Thread: Ban Qaridium

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    I am not sayuing that it is very regulated. But I am sure that there is some regulation. Which is necessary.

    Still, Q. hasn't done anything that makes him ban-worthy.

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    This thread is actually for real?

    So what if his writing is not perfect. Threads like this cross the line more than all of Q's posts together.

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    Qaridium, the Phoronix celebrity.

    I enjoy reading responses to his rambling, especially if they're from bridgman et al.

    When no one keeps the threads alive this place gets boring. It's not everyday there's something exciting happening in the open source world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverthorn View Post
    Qaridium, the Phoronix celebrity.

    I enjoy reading responses to his rambling, especially if they're from bridgman et al.
    Agreed. There's plenty of times that Q posts random insistent nonsense, but there's also many times that someone will create a detailed response to his posts which will educate me further.

    Yes, I wouldn't mind if Q improved his English a bit, and I also would like to see him concede a point when he's been shown to be wrong.

    But none of this is an offense which should result in a ban. Adding to an ignore list, maybe, but not a ban.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
    If he's bothering you so much, just add him to your ignore list (check your account settings).
    Wait, this place has one of those? I must've missed it when I last looked...

    That changes everything! The guy can stay.

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    Definitely not. Qaridarium's latest posts don't seem to be trollish or spouting nonsense.

    On the other hand, I'd vote to ban Kano if anyone. He claims to be a Debian developer while he's only a Debian-derived distro (that no one uses) developer. This has misled many people into giving his views greater weight than they otherwise might earn. Also, he has a pernicious dislike of all things ATI and throws attacks or disparaging remarks towards ATI users. When confronted, it's always because of "personal preference." Finally, when faced with a user who is not as knowledgeable in some areas as he is, he prefixes his remarks with a personal attack. Granted, there are many people like this, but no one as prolific or as wily in avoiding censure as Kano.

    Examples: ad hominim attack @ without contributing anything useful.

    incendiary prefix:

    distorting, misleading FUD against ATI: quickly countered by bridgman.

    praising unreleased nvidia hardware to high heavens while downplaying as unimportant areas where fglrx or OSS have the upper hand:

    more incendiary language:

    when a feature is first mentioned for OSS as being incompletely implemented, Kano can't resist the opportunity to jump in to criticize it in some way by holding it to unrealistic expectations:

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    I do NOT claim that i am a Debian developer as there is no official Debian package maintained by me. My distro is called Kanotix, so the description you dislike should be better changed to this. I did NOT add that comment as it is no user changeable one!

    Also I know ATI drivers since release 3.2.8, I was the first with a binary patch for fglrx to accept Xserver 1.3. I added LOTS of patches for fglrx drivers to my script - some selfmade and needed LOTS of time to test (or crash the system if you like) fglrx. Also I found serval issues with ATI oss/mesa driver too. Compared to that nvidia bugs are completely harmless and do not need much time to fix. Thats about a 100:1 comparision. Also when i test something like xvba, then i do that in order to get a fix, but ATI does NOT provide fixes. The vaapi dev at least tries to fix some issues like missing osd and other problems i found, but ATI certainly does not. You can be sure sooner or later you begin to hate ATI when you notice that they ignore bugs -> not working modelines (never fixed), OpenGL rendering issues (11 month to fix), xvba errors (no fix in sight). Can you say from your experience that you know more than me about those drivers?

    If fglrx would be just like nvidia drivers in those cases:

    a) Support all latest Xorg versions (NO)
    b) Support all officially released kernel version (NO, needs a patch)
    c) Working video accelleration (PARTLY, lots of problems, up to system crashes)
    d) Correct OpenGL rendering in wine (PARTLY, not like nvidia).

    fglrx could not always be used for:

    a) Good excuse not to publish a game/demo because of fglrx driver faults
    b) Forced OSS driver testing because of no available driver for used Xorg/kernel.
    c) Example how worse a binary driver can be.

    If you are a ATI supporter thats fine, i think nobody should buy ATI because of false hopes (which will never come true like video accelleration via oss driver). And this website does certainly promote ATI, which is only good for really not demanding users on Linux. ATI gets the money from 99% Win users and the bad reputation by 0.5% Linux users and the good reputation from 0.5% Linux users (oss only freaks).

    No something about Kanotix: i know that i develop new version mainly privately but those who use it like it. I do NOT compete with Ubuntu or other big distributions, but i help those too. I report errors on Ubuntu launchpad, write/test kernel patches for some small things (mainly some pci/usb ids at the correct places). Those errors where found on Kanotix user systems, so others (maybe even you) benefit from my work. I also write fgrlx/nvidia and other scripts like for mplayer (svn/vaapi) which are tested on all major distros. I would not without Kanotix you can be sure, as I do that FIRST for Kanotix user, then for the rest.

    And then tell me what YOU, crumja, have got for experience to judge about me?
    Last edited by Kano; 12-31-2009 at 05:50 PM.

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    For the record, I don't think we should ban Kano either

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    Default Happy New Year Yall!

    Happy New Year Yall!

    A big thank you, to Kano, for all the support he gives to the ATI users. :-)

    I particularly like the mplayer build script, as the playback on that is fantastic!

    A big thank you to the ATI coders, who produce the FGLRX driver.

    I hope some of that Intel $$$$ AMD/ATI got, goes to growing the FGLRX driver team size, since that will help feature growth & bug stomping. The slow pace of the latter, is a cause for *much angst*.

    To the guys who make the call, about how big the FGLRX team size is, make 2009 another FAIL!

    It has been obvious for many, many years, the team is way to small and spread way to thinly.

    I do hope, 20 10, sees FGLRX growth, in both quality and features.

    Greekgeek :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kano View Post
    I do NOT claim that i am a Debian developer as there is no official Debian package maintained by me. My distro is called Kanotix, so the description you dislike should be better changed to this.
    Or changed to Nvidia fanboy

    I did NOT add that comment as it is no user changeable one!
    Seriously though Michael really ought to change it then, since it's very misleading. Some of your comments ("oss only freaks". Really?) may seem a little odd, coming from someone whom people assume to be a 'Debian Developer'

    Also I know ATI drivers since release 3.2.8,
    I think a lot of frustration comes from people who bought ATI hardware back in the day when they were evil. I'm sorry but you guys bear some responsibility for this yourselves nobody forced you to buy their hardware in the first place.

    You guys should have just listened to RMS
    Last edited by monraaf; 01-01-2010 at 12:32 PM.

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