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Thread: Ban Qaridium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonadow View Post
    the belief that freedom of speech implies an entitlement to freedom to disrupt, freedom to make personal attacks, freedom to insult, freedom to slander / defame, etc etc.

    Which, as most people aptly put it, is what is known as being a complete and utter jerk / @$Sh0le.

    Which that Q person definitely is in every sense of the word.
    Fully agreed with this point of view. So I would vote for a first step toward a ban, some sort of warning, then a full ban.

    But who knows, Qaridarium might be Michael Larabel's free time alias. For all I can see Michael is like an ADHD guy on energy drinks who doesn't need to sleep, just to work (good work, by the way) so I would bet that he's just spicing up the forums a little bit in his free time. I pretty much believe Qaridarium doesn't have a poor English but he intentionally writes in that broken way just as well as he intentionally keeps throwing flame bait everywhere. He's from Germany? Cheap made up alibi for his pretended broken English. Knows a lot of facts about Germany? It's hard to forget Michael's explicit interest for that country pointed out everywhere by himself
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