Okay, I hate HP. Don't recommend HP. I will ignore you.

I have an HP Photosmart C4400 series, C4480 to be exact, that is garbage. The 'alignment test' fails over and over. Nothing I try has worked. The message even states it won't print with optimized quality so why use this piece of junk? I have tried one before, a wireless version, which was awful but I just thought it was an exception. I only bought the thing because of the Linux support.

I don't care about the support now since it is so awful. I don't care about HPLIP since it is NOT useable. I have tried in both Linux and Windows. The alignment test always fails. I have printed out too many test pages and I wish I could take the junk and pages and drop it on an HP tech's desk and tell them to shove it.

HP's quality has gone down the drain. Their laptops are junk. Apparently, their printers are also junk. I am wondering if Canon is a good choice for inkjet and maybe Samsung for lasers. What do you think?

Thanks (just letting off steam - I feel I wasted a lot of time on this thing, time I won't get back!).