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Thread: A Few Reminders For This Holiday

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    Default A Few Reminders For This Holiday

    Phoronix: A Few Reminders For This Holiday

    When shopping online this holiday season, don't forget to use our shopping links (always available from the home-page) for NewEgg and Amazon. Additionally, if you want to get yourself something, consider a Phoronix Premium subscription for yourself that will let you view Phoronix and the Phoronix Forums without any advertisements, are able to view multi-page articles on a single page, and this is also a gift to us (or you can also make a tip/donation in being able to better support all of our Linux hardware efforts (we have more announcements coming this week!). That's all for now, thanks...

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    Default should be avoided. It runs on unsecure, outdated Micro$oft server(s).

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    Can I hide these promotion-messages with my premium account?


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    Actually you should use my affiliate account. Think of all the amazing comments I have provided this year.

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