I agree with the others. SSD's are not universally affordable and most people are still looking at performance with 7200rpm 1TB+ or bigger drives.

I would really like a retest with a standard 7200, and maybe even a laptop 5400 drive. (As laptops outsell desktops now).

The existing filesystems are designed to work with a rotating HD anyways. Their algorithms take into account latency and head movement, all of which is non-existent on SSDs.

Also, while you are at it, please take a look at JFS, and Reiser4. Get the zen-kernel (also available as a ppa) which supports reiser4. With Reiser4 possibly going into mainline I think it would be fair to compare it.

Finally, test reiser4 with lzo and gzip compression vs btrfs w/zlib.

Thanks for the work. I don't want to sound ungrateful. But these tests with SSD's don't make much sense, when SSD filesystems are designed differently.