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I think you are still wrong. The T400s has DisplayPort (a digital video output) in many models, and at least six individual models (NSDD5##, NSDD9##, NSF25##, NSF2P##, NSF2Q##, NSF4N##; replace ## with region code) have both eSATA and DisplayPort connectors.

Additionally, almost all models produced in the last few years have a docking station with DVI connector.

Furthermore, Lenovo produces what its customers (not end-users, mind you) order. And there are several large customers who insist that certain aspects of hardware remain unchanged.
I am not sure why you bring up ONE model of the Thinkpad line. Also, DisplayPort?!? Why are you trying to kid? The digital video port on laptops nowadays are HDMI unless you want to be completely proprietary and call yourself Apple: then you use MiniDisplayPort or whatever they call it.

Who wants even more hardware to add to their laptop? I realize that you might need a DVI to HDMI adapter but I wonder how easy it is to find adapters for DisplayPorts or docking stations. Ebay?

I know Thinkpads have a good reputation and probably sell a lot on name recognition alone. But, Lenovo did poorly on a/the laptop reliability survey and don't have much in the way of options. You are stuck getting an ATI card practically down the entire model line (well, Thinkpads) and the rigid keyboards that impressed Thinkpad and even other notebook owners is gone now. Lenovo notebooks are said to be like other ones but I'm only speculating. I think it's good for one brand to mostly have 'business-line' notebooks but I don't think they're the same company anymore.