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Thread: X Server 1.7.4 Is Just About Here

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    Default X Server 1.7.4 Is Just About Here

    Phoronix: X Server 1.7.4 Is Just About Here

    Work on the X Server 1.7.4 point release is finishing up and as a result Peter Hutterer has tagged the second release candidate, which may very well be the last test release before it goes gold. X Server 1.7.4 RC2 back-ports a number of fixes from X Server 1.8, switches the default keyboard layout to pc105 (from pc104), man-page fixes/updates, and miscellaneous other work. The X Server 1.7.4 Release Candidate 2 announcement can be found on the X.Org mailing list...

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    and another API change to break NVIDIA and ATI.

    It's all going according to plan... yezzzzz.

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