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Thread: Unigine Heaven For Linux May Come Next Week

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    Tessellation doesn't really add to it. There are other parts of rendering which are more important to allocate CPU/GPU time for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kano View Post
    Since the demo does not run with wine - i tried to install the ms runtime + mono 2.6 a native client seems to be really a requirement. I really don't get why the engine was written with .net.
    Damn... almost felt sick reading this. Thought you meant the linux client needs the runtime.

    Ran a few projects with .net in 2004 (sorry needed to earn money), but the fricking thing even choked on a singleton implementation... cost me 2 expensive days of debugging to find out it was a framework error.... First thing I'm gona do now is double checking the unigine engine about .net dependencies on linux
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