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Thread: Wrong EDID, how to set correct resolution

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    Default Wrong EDID, how to set correct resolution

    I have a very difficult time to set the correct resolution of my monitor with fglrx.

    My monitor is a 22" LG W2234S that has 1680x1050 as optimal resolution. Catalyst driver always sets my monitor to 1600x1200 that it is not correct.

    Until Catalyst 9.11 i was able to force the correct resolution by executing

    aticonfig --set-pcs-str="DDX,EnableRandR12,FALSE"
    and add

    Modes "1680x1050"
    in SubSection "Display", Section "Screen" in my xorg.conf.

    With Catalyst 9.12 if i try this i'm getting a blank screen although X is loading and i can log on blindly.

    It is a major headache not to be able to set the correct resolution.

    I have tried to pass custom modelines to xorg.conf but fglrx seems to ignore them.

    How can i set the correct resolution for my monitor.

    Please ATI take a look on this baby issues of the driver. I think that my monitor reports (or fglrx understands) wrong EDID values, but there must be a way to force the correct resolution.

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