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    I've been using linux on my Acer laptop for a bit over a year (Ubuntu mostly, though I've experimented with a few different ones, including OpenSuse and Arch). My one constant headache has always been ATI related, and now I'm going to solve that problem. I'm buying a new laptop, and damnit, it will have a nvidia card in it >.> Buying one is a headache of it's own though. My current laptop I bought second hand at an auction, and before that I always built my own pc, so in a way this is my first experience at buying a branded computer.

    I've done a lot of research, but I would like to run my findings past you all here, just to be safe.

    Firstly, what I'm after:
    - nvidia graphics
    - enough power to game a little. I don't play many games, but Mass Effect 2 I'll somehow find the time for.
    - enough power for some large CADs, and some amateur audio/video editing
    - good battery life
    - less than 3kg
    - linux friendly. I'll have windows there somewhere, but I will barely touch it.
    - 14-16"

    Now, my findings:

    - Sony and Asus have some great products. Sony is overpriced, Asus pretty well priced. Asus, in the screen range I want, has terrible battery life
    - There are a few other models out there that come close, but they nearly always fall short in either battery life, or the presence of an ATI video card.
    - Macbook pro seems to be everything I want (largely because of battery life), and I don't mind the price


    I am dubious about buying a mbp right now. The other brands are all releasing Core i3/5/7 machines, and there are rumours around (as there apparently always is, I know) that mbp is due to announce a 'new' range of MBPs in Jan/Feb some time. The logical step for apple would be that arrandale chip that keeps being written about, though who really knows?

    My confusion though, is largely around the Core i* technology. Every report seems to suggest that while it is really powerful, they are also really power hungry. And really, in the next couple of years, will I regret buying a mbp Core 2 Duo, and be wishing I had a quad core? It is so easy to get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest, but maybe there is no point.

    Any advice, corrections or explanations you have will be appreciated.
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