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One final nitpick: WOW minimaps use GL pbuffers, which are *not* windows specific. However, noone sane wants to deal with this ugly 6-year old POS extension, which is why OSS drivers won't get it anytime soon. This is why WOW/DX tends to run better than WOW/GL in wine.
no there is a windows only extension.

the OpenGL version of WOW also has no shadows!

the DX version in wine is really better 'shadows' and 'minimap'

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"This Quadro card supports OpenGL 3.2, so if what you said was true, it should be faster through wine than native. It isn't, however."
yes but wine is not finish in the OpenGL3.2 optimization part..

i think we will see a lot of speed improvements in the future wine versions.

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I don't doubt that wine can give a speed increase in some rare cases, but this speed increase either happens on software that doesn't really need it (WOW is 5 years old now? 3d mark 03 is 6 years old?) or on hardware that doesn't have a problem anyway (e.g. DX10/GL3.2 cards running DX8 software).
Generally yes but there are some old games strongly speed limitation in cpu power.. for example 'Operation Flashpoint Resistance' on 5000m view and all features@high you need every cpu power you can get overclocket @4ghz is the minimum !
wine can turn this around!

yes you do not neet this for WOW or 3dmark03 -- but you need it for 'Operation Flashpoint Resistance'