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Thread: Open ATI Driver To Receive PowerPlay Push?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baghera View Post
    It's just gpu that runs at 70 Celsius, both cpu are around 45 degrees.
    I'm sure everything is well-configured because if I switch to catalyst temperatures are ok, gpu is around 50 and also cpu are ok.
    I'm not surprised of those temps since I also get 64-65 degrees using ForceLowPowerMode in xorg.conf without KMS.
    How do you get the GPU temperature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loris View Post
    How do you get the GPU temperature?
    I have three acpi sensors, two for cpus and one for gpu, so I can read those temps just with acpi tools. I'm sure that it's gpu temp because reading it through aticonfig (using catalyst) returns the same value.

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