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Thread: ASUS Eee PC 1201N On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by foormea View Post
    Why don't you shut up and help instead of polluting the thread?
    You must be joking... I was the only one who, at least, recommended some things to you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0nsense View Post
    After "ItIsBetterWithWondows" campaign, Asus (my ex-favorite HW maker) is out of shopping list.
    IMHO, such behavior should be punished by community. Thus I see this review as very bad idea. All this because their ANTI Linux approach. Most companies are not friendly, but they at least doing no harm. Asus and Lenovo are both running campaign AGAINST Linux.
    I think it would be nice to have a poll here at Phoronix to see if people DO want to read reviews of Asus and Lenovo products. If they ban us, we should at least do the same
    The bad here is in fact MS again.
    I saw Dell selling ubunu, Acer selling Meego, but not a single mention of "Linux".
    No computer manufacturers dare to advertise "Linux". They will get BSDMed by MS if they do, e.g. high OEM prices, Linux tax... Look at MS's ads, they attack "Linux".

    Nevertheless, bitches like Asus and Lenovo love to be group f***ed by MS. They sell they future to MS, lucifer. That is why they can never be Apple ( a damn but brave company).

    for A_Company in "A_Company recommend Windows 7"
    while (( ! IAmFeelingGood() ))
    Screw A_Company
    Screw Microsoft
    Screw Microsoft again

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