I just bought an HD4770. I was using Debian Lenny but I upgraded to testing last night, thinking that I now have a use for newer packages. I installed xserver-xorg-video-radeon(6.12.3) after purging all the Nvidia packages, and set the driver in xorg.conf to radeon. I'm using Debian's 2.6.30-2-amd64 kernel, I have the libdrm2(2.4.15-1) package installed. I originally installed firmware-linux from testing, but the hardware support list in its description made no mention of RV740, so I installed firmware-linux-nonfree from sid. Unfortunately there's no mention of RV740 there either.

My problem is that there are "no adaptors present" for xv, and consequently I can't get MPlayer to display any video. I want to get TVout going too (though I think I might be able to get that going myself with the doc I found), but until I can display a video there's not much point.

I added this to my device section to no effect (not WRT to xv anyway, things did seem a bit snappier):
Option "DRI" "on"
Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"

And I added "DMAForXv" "on" too afterwards, before I realized from the manpage that that's the default

So this is my first day not having an all-inclusive nvidia blob to lean on. I have no idea what packages I need, or if the firmware package has a file for my card, where to get the file if it doesn't, etc, etc. And since everything is in flux, I have no idea what information to go on, when I can even find something relevant (which I haven't been doing too well at)

What am I missing? Is there a guide on getting the most out of the radeon driver as possible without compiling stuff from git?

dmesg makes no mention of firmware or radeon.

the relevant bits of "egrep "WW|EE" /var/log/Xorg.0.log":
(EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed to open the DRM
(WW) RADEON(0): Direct rendering disabled
(EE) RADEON(0): Acceleration initialization failed

I copied my xorg log and my xorg.conf with all its left over nvidia cruft, to pastebin. I'm happy to read documents and try to figure this out myself, but I just haven't the foggiest where to look or even what for.