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Thread: Testing rv280 with Linux and F12 userspace

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    Default Testing rv280 with Linux and F12 userspace

    The bottom line: a stock kernel with the Fedora 12 userspace can run compiz. However, the colours all go horribly wrong if you try to rotate the cube. (gnome-terminals can turn completely black inside, or the entire screen can gain a red tint until the cube face settles back again.)

    Trying to look at xine-ui's on-screen display while playing a video file freezes the X server but doesn't seem to lock up the card.

    Under, the VGA-0 connection was configured to 1400x1050 by KMS. However, resorts to 800x600 instead. In both cases, I could return the display to its native 1680x1050 via xrandr.

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    I tried Fedora 12 with a radeon mobility 9000 (RV250) card. I only tried the compositing, though. In Fedora 12 and Mandriva 2010, I can use either type but with other distros, it would either not work at all or it would crash on a certain one.

    I didn't even bother to try the cube or other effects since the support was so poor. 3D with the OSS driver is abysmal, I think.

    If you look at the Radeon Xorg page with the various features supported, a lot of it is 'not working', 'unknown' or 'in progress' with few mentions of 'working.'

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    3D on r1xx and r2xx may have regressed in some cases since the transition to KMS support as fewer people test the older hardware. If you are seeing regressions please report bugs:

    Apart from that, 3D support on r1xx and r2xx is pretty much stable and feature complete.

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