So I have been wondering what to do with the rather useless SSD built into my motherboard. I have a P6T Deluxe and want to install Chrome onto the SSD but ALSO have GRUB be the instant on bootloader (Instead of Expressgates)

Naturally there is little direct information on how I might be able to pull this off.

I need to figure out how to have Grub load up from the SSD, if anybody has a link on how to do this (Replace Splashtop/Express Gate bootloader with Grub) I would be VERY thankful.

Next would be any insight/direction on how to inject Chromium onto the SSD.

My current setup has: Backtrack 4, Winxp, Win7 and OSX on a P6T Deluxe (not v2)

My dream setup has Grub load instantly with options for all including Chrome with Chromes location being on the SSD.

What do you guys think?