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Sorry, but these benchmarks are crap, for several reasons.

First (*), using CPU-based decoding, the file does not play in realtime. No word about that in the article; it almost looks like the author failed to notice or understand it.
The Atom 330 (not N330, which does not exist, by the way) is a dual-core w/ SMT and appears as 4 logical cores. This means 25% CPU load in the graph represent full load on one core. The other cores are not used at all - MPlayer is single-threaded.

Second, hardware accelerated colorspace conversion should be activated when gl2 is used for best results. The suboption "yuv=2" does that.

Third, knowing (*) it doesn't make sense to compare power consumption.

Fourth, the sample is very low on bitrate. Please use a somewhat more demanding sample. Try this, for example: http://www.stfcc.org/misc/SAMPLE-Clo...264-CtrlHD.mkv
There is a multithreaded mplayer .. your sample is not playable at all on a 2.66ghz core 2 duo but works fine on the same machine with mplayer-mt. (And I agree that the benchmark is a joke).