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As I understand it, the OSS driver doesn't support 3D or deliver 3D features.
thats totally wrong!

the Radeon+Mesa7.8 delivers openGL2.0+some OpenGL3.2 features.

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Until it does, there will be a need to use fglrx so why keep harping on ONLY using the OSS driver. It's not practical when 3D is a large part of every OS. You couldn't even use Google Earth, I suspect.
google Earth runs on mesa7.7! and mesa7.8!

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Furthermore, the OSS driver is not usable in the latest cards either,
thats true r600/R700 is supportet R800 is not...

so you can buy a up to a hd4870

but the the future the R800 is also supportet...

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I suspect. At least, not fully working. So, you have an incomplete driver set no matter the driver. I think that is what the complaints are about and not keeping up with the changes in X.org or the kernel. The fact that support for older cards is either discontinued or neglected is yet another whammy. If AMD/ATI want to distinguish themselves from Nvidia, they should have long term support instead of just concentrating on newer cards which is not being maintained in an up-to-date fashion anyway. AMD should probably devote more resources to it? One of the flaws in Linux, imho, as far as having more adoptions is video drivers. They are either requiring a really extensive driver install which is DIY or the support is way behind.
yes ... but they do it! on the opensource driver side! ..