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Thread: Plymouth In Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2: Dead Simple

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    It's usually a lot better to take somebody else's work and contribute to it then trying to do it on your own.

    Plymouth is nice because it is designed to be used with KMS and work with GDM to provide a nice seamless transition from bootup to your desktop.

    It's actually very nice when it all works together correctly. No flashing of the screen, no resetting the display. No white screen flash, no black screen, etc. Just a smooth transition. The background fades away smoothly while your panels and such fade in.

    It leaves a better impression the first time your using a system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taenon View Post
    Wasn't one argument for not including this in 9.10 that they would simply forgo plymouth in favor of streamlining the boot sequence to less than 10 seconds?
    Plymouth was slower than usplash because KMS wasn't working at that time or something and now that it does work it is not slower anymore (somebody on the internet told me that )

    I'd rather have no boot time than a pretty boot time.
    Solder a SSD to you RAM slots and create a new Linux driver?

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    Default Fedora and Red Hat contributions

    Quote Originally Posted by DanL View Post
    I wish Ubuntu would stop trying to be Fedora. Red Hat devs do good stuff, but Plymouth and Pulseaudio? Leave that to the Fedora folk.
    Why did you stop with just Plymouth and PulseAudio then? How about other key components NetworkManager, D-Bus, large amount of the Linux Kernel, Xorg etc?

    You should be happy that there is less reinvention of the wheel. Using the same technologies everywhere is good for everyone especially if they contribute back improvements.

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