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I wouldn't call every non-Atom system 'cutting edge'. And it's not about the speed, it's about the cpu Architecture (and I would think the core architecture more in use than the Atom one) and the ratio between CPU/IO. So a huge delta on a nettop might just not exist on a two-year old desktop PC (the barrier changes will still impose their performance tradeoff, but hey.. if you prefer fast over secure just keep your data in a tmpfs and suspend instead of reboot).

This usecase might be just not representative for desktop computers. Fine for me, but then the OP should title this benchmark in an other way. Well as long as people think about the usability of this benchmark for their file system choosing situation my point has been made.
Well given the way intel has been trying to fight Atoms cutting into their higher end and more profitable sales I would say that the adoption is significant enough to use it as a base comparison especially when you look at what are being promoted as "home servers" which are usually atom based units nowdays.