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Thread: triple headed workstation

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    Default triple headed workstation


    Is there a consumer level card one can buy that will let
    you run a Linux desktop with three monitors? Or a card you
    can buy two of to do the same thing?

    I'm interested in a plain vanilla windowmaker desktop for
    programming and general use, not a games machine. Ideally all
    digital connections, but a combination of digital and analog
    would also be acceptable.

    If it could support enough 3d goodness to run fancy compositing
    desktop effects that would be a bonus.

    Any recommendations?

    Thank you kindly,

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    I just set up a four monitor system running Compiz with an ATI HD5770.

    The one trick with that is that it can only run two monitors of DVI, the rest need to have DisplayPort ports or expensive active converters.

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