I was just looking at best guess when I will be able to run multiseat using open source drivers?

Also, what the heck is going on consolekit and gdm, what timeframe do them bitches look like they are going to be working for multiseat. I tried messing with consolekit adding sessions,seats in lucid today. Lets just say things are not looking good on the open source drivers. And fglrx I understand won't work in lucid yet.

My poor htpc multiseat setup is getting attacked on all fronts. I am afraid I wont be able to upgrade to lucid on time. I already had to dump gdm and use kdm cuz the ripped out multiseat support back in karmic. Now hal is getting slaughtered, not that I will miss that pig( although it is a pig with lipstick cuz it somewhat works, which is a whole lot better than nothing at all).

Also I wonder if you can use Eyeinfinty with multiple x sessions? I have dreams of getting a couple of them and runnging mythtv in all the rooms of my house. Hdmi cables are a pain to run through walls! Displayport fiber is the cable i want to lay. If only there were Displayport tvs, and for that matter monitors.

Alright my ranting is done
Jamey Out..