Phoronix had first disclosed word of the Sugo SG02 SFF chassis earlier this year. With time, we have delivered bits of information here and there. However, now that the SG02 should finally ship this month, here is a bit more information and some reiterated from previous Phoronix articles.

~ The next Sugo chassis will be called the SG02
~ This is not a complete re-design but rather boasts some moderate improvements.
~ The front of the chassis has been re-designed.
~ The case is expected to be much more economical than the SG01 or SG01 Evolution
~ The SilverStone Sugo SG02 should ship this month (September 2006)

The delays with the SG02 are in fact because SilverStone is working on reducing the manufacturing cost while not decreasing the quality of the chassis. For those unfamiliar with this chassis, it has been widely popular as it is SFF and "Shuttle-like" but does not require any proprietary hardware -- it uses a microATX motherboard and a standard power supply.

More information to come soon Also start dreaming about is the SilverStone Tundra TD01 external water cooler.