Hi all, this is Lord Raiden from Raiden's Realm. I'm hunting for some parts for a new PC, and I'm looking for some information on what parts are most Linux friendly, as well as the best quality. My preferred distro is Linux Mint, and I prefer AMD chips, but the rest is up for grabs. I'm after mostly midline stuff, not bleeding edge or ultra budget. Just stuff that would make a good, reliable desktop solution, with a minimal slant towards gaming. Anywho, here's the basic list of parts I am after.

Processor (Amd II, Phenom, etc)
Video Card (ATI or Nvidia)
Motherboard (No preference)
Ram (up to 8gb.)

The rest I already either have, or have already decided on. Since I'm a software guy, I figure the hardware gurus here can help me find the best parts that will work with Linux. Since I've got a limited budget for these parts ($500 prefered, $650 max), I want to get it right the first try. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.