I recently bought a sapphire 5770 card and was fully aware that it probably would not work with a linux distribution that has a "to new" xorg (7.5). I also knew it was likely not going to be supported by the opensource radeon driver (yet) but i bought it anyway.

Now the big surprise came with VESA. I would have expected VESA to just fully run with my full screen resolution (1680x1050) but it sadly didn't.

The reason it won't work at that resolution is because our lovely ATi fellows have a heavily outdated modes list for the video card.. and vesa only runs modes that are in that list. My list:

640x400-8, 0x0100
640x480-8, 0x0101
800x600-8, 0x0103
1024x768-8, 0x0105
1280x1024-8, 0x0107
640x480-15, 0x0110
640x480-16, 0x0111
800x600-15, 0x0113
800x600-16, 0x0114
1024x768-15, 0x0116
1024x768-16, 0x0117
1280x1024-15, 0x0119
1280x1024-16, 0x011a
320x200-15, 0x010d
320x200-16, 0x010e
320x200-32, 0x0120
320x240-8, 0x0193
320x240-16, 0x0195
320x240-32, 0x0196
512x384-8, 0x01b3
512x384-16, 0x01b5
512x384-32, 0x01b6
640x350-8, 0x01c3
640x350-16, 0x01c5
640x350-32, 0x01c6
720x400-8, 0x0133
720x400-16, 0x0135
720x400-32, 0x0136
1152x864-8, 0x0153
1152x864-16, 0x0155
1152x864-32, 0x0156
1280x960-8, 0x0163
1280x960-16, 0x0165
1280x960-32, 0x0166
640x480-32, 0x0121
800x600-32, 0x0122
1024x768-32, 0x0123
1280x1024-32, 0x0124
1400x1050-8, 0x0143
1400x1050-16, 0x0145
1400x1050-32, 0x014
As you can see my resolution (1680x1050) is not in there which causes xorg to refuse to set the 1680x1050 resolution.

After i found this out i mailed Sapphire about it (the card is manufactured by them) but they told me it's not a vbios issue and that i should contact ATi about it. So i did contact ATI but all i get back from them is a message telling me that my message is directed to the ati driver team and a bunch of links if i have linux driver problems.. So nothing usefull since this has nothing to do with the driver.

So, now i call on that ati fellow browsing here, bridgman, to please read this and please do update the modes list! Add support for modes that are common today. I can live with no catalyst (or radeon) driver in linux but i can't with a stretched resolution! That just forces me to either painfully downgrade xorg or to use windows.

Please please please do something about this!!!

O btw. Am i right that this should be fixed in the ati vbios? (since sapphire told me that it's NOT a vbios issue)

If i had a inter graphics card the resolution would be simple: 915resolution ... If an application like that exists for ATi as well please do tell me.

I hope to see a reply here (specially from bridgman).
Any other solutions (that don't require money) are welcome as well.