I'm a regular phoronix reader and mostly like what i read but i do have some things here that i find extremely frustrating and even irritating to read the news.

First about the extreme self advertising that phoronix does for it's test suite. In some messages that gets said dozens of times.. be a little less happy with spamming out links to that phoronix test suite PLEASE!

Second there is kontera. I can't imagine that bringing in any money at all for phoronix. As for me as a "user" it's extremely irritating to move my mouse, accidentyl hover over a kontera link, and see that damned hallish popup appear again.. just QUIT USING IT!

Third there is the banners. Right now phoronix seems to have some "building muscle" deal.. i don't see how that is related at ALL with linux stuff other then linux getting stronger. Other then that it's highly distracting me from reading the news.

Fourth there is the phoronix deep deep deep linking. Sometimes there is an article that talks for example about kernel mode setting with a link to the "source"... but that link is again a link to another phoronix article.. this sometimes goos back to 10 articles till i got the real source link.. Yet another annoying behavior of phoronix.

To conclude. I can live with either one of those issues but all four are just in my way of reading your news. You really seem to be punishing people that don't pay for ad free browsing. I think i'm gonna use adblock from now on.. if sites like this one use just text adds there would have been no need for me to block those adds but if you add so much irritating stuff i'm forced to either not read phoronix at all or block the adds. i choose the latter one.

Please do something about the above issues. Again, i don't mind seeing adds but you overdone it.