I was just passed along a notice from the director of business development at Icy Dock that they have now started blogging, to seek input from the community on the design of their external enclosures.

The most recent focus is on:

Does today enclosures consumer market prefer with or without build-in fan? The fan function for enclosure will cool down the device, but the noise level is annoyed at times. If you obtain a enclosure without a build-in fan the consumer might think the HDD is under massive of heat and might damage the date that cause HDD malfunction.

What do you prefer as consumer? Should modern day "ENCLOSURE" have or shouldn?t have building fan?
Will this be the new way for engineers to seek consumer input? It will be interesting if any other PC hardware manufacturers follow suit. Icy Dock's community blog can be read (and commented) @ http://www.icydock.com/blog.html