I'm looking for a 1TB or 2TB HDD for storage. I was considering a WD Green series drive since they are low power/low heat but then I've recently read about this heads parking issue and high load cycle count issues. Apparently, you need certain software (WDiddle3?) to change the feature or disable it entirely. This particular issue seems to be mostly apparent on Unix systems and doesn't effect Windows operating systems as much or at all.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone here has tried or owns a WD Green drive.

I guess I am inclined to avoid them so I don't have to find out and I have good experiences with Samsung drives and the EcoGreen F2 and F3 drives seem okay. They're a little harder to come by, though, as I have to order online from a vendor. They aren't available at any local stores although I think some Samsung drives are in some of these external drives (that we never know the brand or model).

I also thought the Seagate drives are too risky although I think some of them are probably okay now but I want one with lowest heat as it will mostly be a storage / data drive. Seagate's are probably okay regarding that but then I am not sure about Seagate's low power drives. I think the LP series is really expensive so I'm going to choose based on price and reviews/recommendations (WD Green has mixed reviews: in Windows, they are heavily favoured whereas some users are having trouble with the heads parking/LCC so it would probably be an issue in Linux? The newest WD Green line might or might not have the issue. Too much uncertainty with the drive tends to steer me to other drives. What do you think?).

Any recommendations?