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no, it only shows that your decoder is prepared to a future bitrate standard, up today i havent see any BD or h264 movie encoded like that
14.4mbps for the video is well within the current standard of ~40mbps. It isn't even half.

i seriously doubt someone will use that mounstrocity of bitrate to the mass market.
It isn't a huge bitrate. The current standard goes almost three times higher.

in resume is a good reference not a must, for now. and that now could be quite far in time cuz i really cant see the difference between 1080p and 1080p 100mbit bitrate in my 1080p led 120hz tv, dunno maybe if thaters move 500" led screen maybe but for normal market 1080p is here to stay for many years.
100mbps would make the file MUCH larger. 100mbps*122(seconds duration)/8=1525mb. This file is not 1525mb.