I'm wondering if I should wait for Lucid 10.04 or try Ubuntu 9.10?

I was just really curious what should be in the xorg.conf file in Ubuntu 9.10. If you have a Radeon RV250 / Mobility 9000, what should be in there? What features/capabilities does this card have with the open source driver (only one supported)?

I've had some settings there that allowed for some 3D but not sure what can be used.

Anyone try Karmic with a Radeon 9000?

I have been to the ThinkWiki for this card but it only offers some info but no example for a xorg.conf file. It is needed in 9.10 because the default doesn't allow 3D as it will crash or more accurately, lock up. One can't even boot up unless you use safe mode and then change the xorg.conf file if you want to use the radeon driver (since desktop effects is enabled via default).

Maybe I should use 10.04? It's currently in Alpha stage, though. I usually use Debian but wanted to experiment with Ubuntu.

I'm tired of trying out settings without some expertise advice, though. ;-)