This is an entry for Phoronix LCH. Feel free to comment on the Linux compatibility for the Pico Direct Multimedia Notebook PC - Model 660 in this thread.

Pico Direct (Badged Clevo) Multimedia Notebook PC - Model 660

Description: 233MHz Pentium II CPU, Intel chipset, 64Mb RAM (as standard). S3 VirgeMX graphics.
Hardware Notes: Compatibility problem with graphics chip display data channel (DDC) support under Linux which crashes the system when X starts. Workaround - Use text mode to install the system. Boot to single user (or multi user/no X), delete files libddc.a and libvbe.a from /usr/X11R6/lib/modules. X will now start up correctly. Select 1024x768 as resolution, colour depth 15bpp for best results.