Hello folks, I have been running Mprime successfully for testing the stability of my i7 system when overclocked.

But I am concerned about the correctness of the temperatures as shown by lm_sensors.

Here's what I have observed.

When I power on the computer and check the CPU temperature in the BIOS, it is usually around 33-34 degrees. But as soon as I boot into my OS (Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit), lm_sensors show temperature around 23-24 degrees.
I am using sensors_applet for Gnome panel to see the temperatures.

Now the thing is that just when Gnome is loading(panels coming up, background loading etc.), I do see that the CPU temperature being around 33 degrees, coming down in a second or two to 23-24 degrees.

So, my question is, are these temperatures correct ? In other words, is it normal that CPU temps are high in BIOS ? Or is it so that when the system is powered on, CPU temps are usually high & when the OS has loaded, they drop down ?

Please help me resolving this scenario, as it could lead to potential damages to my machine due to inaccuracy of results.