is anything new in store for us r300/r500 suckers that are stuck with the open source driver ? all i keep seeing of late on phoronix is news about r600, r700 and that evergreen crap.

i can't upgrade my card, it's a laptop. all of those other chips still have catalyst support afaik - mine is right about at the cut off mark of support drop, making it one of the most capable cards ati has decided to let go.

the open source driver is a nice effort but it's not a capable driver. outside of doing a little compositing and running glxgears, things are horrible. there are numerous applications - and i dont just mean through wine, im talking about linux native apps - that a quick google search will reveal run just fine using catalyst, nvidia or intel drivers. most 'bug reports' and complaints come from people like me who have to use the radeon drivers.

i dont think id be so worried if i kept seeing a steady stream of improvements to my incomplete driver; problem is all you guys seem to be on these days is providing support for cards that already have it, and while bringing superficially functional features like kms to the driver that can't even render sh*t to begin with.

so pls get you crap in order.