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Thread: R600 - anisotropic filtering

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    Default R600 - anisotropic filtering

    I've got a question to the r600 developers.

    Does it have AF (anisotropic filtering) support? It seems to say so (GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extension is there) but I can't see any difference between trilinear and trilinear + AF textures in my sample OpenGL program. Am I doing something wrong way or is this feature simply incomplete? In former case I can show my sample program, but I doubt that. Sample Windows application (through wine) also doesn't show difference between AF and no-AF.

    I know that there are many OpenGL extensions that are marked as "supported" but aren't implemented yet. Is it a case here or a bug?

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    I don't think AF is implemented in the open drivers. IIRC the info is not in the docs yet - I think we pulled it out so we could get the rest of the info out more quickly.

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