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Thread: XGI Working On Big Linux Patch For Big Feature

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    Default XGI Working On Big Linux Patch For Big Feature

    Phoronix: XGI Working On Big Linux Patch For Big Feature

    XGI's Linux driver was written off as dead back in the summer of 2008 when Ian Romanick who had been working on the open-source XGI Linux driver through his work at IBM had left the company to go join Intel where he now works on Mesa and Intel's open-source 3D stack. XGI Technology really hasn't put out new hardware lately and has been flying under the radar, but this past January a long-time XGI employee began working on this code. Jong Lin is the XGI engineer who has been working for the company for sometime and is someone that we communicated with years ago when XGI was in its prime...

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    Default Don't get too excited

    The XGI website makes a lot of noise about 2D only graphics (up to 1920x1200) in embedded systems.

    While not very exciting at the moment, I am pleased to see they are doing the linux driver right (open source).

    Maybe 3d embedded graphics will follow, and maybe give PowerVR a reason to clean up their act.

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